What products and services do you offer?

Firm Moving Quote and Booking

Jugglebox does not move your stuff but you can get a firm moving quote from 5 reputable moving companies and book your move date and time (5% off your your move use code “JUGGLEBOX5″): Moving Quote and Booking

Plastic Box Rental

Jugglebox also rents reusable eco-friendly plastic moving boxes for residential, commercial and college moving needs throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, and Hoboken.  Jugglebox also rents moving dollies and sells recyclable cardboard wardrobes and environmentally friendly packing material.  Your entire order is delivered to your home or office and conveniently picked up from your new location in a vehicle that uses renewable fuel which contains 85% less imported petroleum.

What is your coverage area?

Jugglebox rental coverage area is within New York City (except Staten Island) as well as Hudson County, New Jersey. We also service areas within 25 miles of our standard coverage area but there are additional charges for delivery or pick up to these neighborhoods.


Juggleboxes are made of heavy-duty plastic. The Juggleboxes measure 27″L x 17″W x 12″H. They have ergonomically designed comfort-fit handles with heavy-duty attached lids.  Juggleboxes are nestable and stackable to save precious space when storing. Medium boxes are included in all packages.


Due to complaints about the durability of the reusable corrugated plastic wardrobe boxes Jugglebox now sells only recyclable corrugated cardboard wardrobe boxes instead. They measure 24″x20″x48″.


Our dollies are custom designed to fit Juggleboxes.  Each dolly has a 500 pound capacity and can easily handle four loaded and stacked Juggleboxes.  The 4″ non-marking casters provide durability and a smooth ride. Dollies cost $9.99 to rent.

Other Moving Supplies

Our environmentally friendly packer’s newsprint is renewably sourced and is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.  Each sheet is 18″ x 24″ (30 lb. weight; thicker than printer paper) and comes in stacks of 200 sheets. Packer’s newsprint costs $9.99 to purchase.
We also sell mattress bags in Twin, Full, Queen and King size.
Finally we can provide you with stretch wrap to protect your belongings.

Why Jugglebox?

We have been doing this longer than anyone else and are the highest ranked company on Yelp. We have the best cleaning process – so you are guaranteed to get clean boxes. We provide the highest level of customer service. Do you want to risk making your move more stressful by using someone else? Our boxes are green so it is very to see that they are clean.

Your prices are great – are there any hidden charges?

We pride ourselves in being honest and transparent about our pricing. Delivery and pick up are always free with any of our standard packages as long as you are within our service area. There is a small fee for walk ups.Jugglebox has the best service and the best prices in the New York Metro area.

Reusable? Are they clean? What are the risks?

We use an air compressor and disinfect all Juggleboxes after each use so they arrive clean and in great condition.  Used cardboard collected from different sources carry risk of bacteria or critters (think roaches and bed bugs).

How does the delivery and pick-up process work?

You place your order and select a delivery date and a delivery time window. We will call you the day before your delivery day and narrow down your delivery time window. Juggleboxes will be delivered on that day within the delivery time window. After your move, just let us know you are done with your boxes and we will pick up the empty boxes from your new home or office. You have to be present at delivery and pick up.

Can I choose a delivery time window?

Yes. We deliver 6 days a week. Monday – Thursday from 7a to 11p and Friday – Saturday from 7a to 3p. Our time slots are shown below and we narrow down the time slots to a 3 hour window the day before your delivery or pick up.


7am – 11am

11am – 3pm

3pm – 7pm

7pm – 11pm


7am – 11am

11am – 3pm

Will I be charged for delivery and pickup?

No.  In home delivery and pick up is included to all elevator buildings. Ground floor lobby or hallway delivery and pickup are included for walk ups. If you have a walk up and would like us to deliver or pick up the boxes inside your apartment there is an additional charge of $29.  We can arrange pick up or delivery within 25 miles outside of our service area for an extra $99.

You packages include pick up and delivery to the ground floor for walk ups. What if I live in a 4 story walk up?

For walk ups there is no charge to deliver or pick up Juggleboxes on the ground floor. If you have a walk up they can be delivered or picked up upstairs and inside your apartment for an additional charge of $29. If you would like to carry the boxes upstairs at your delivery location AND downstairs at your pick up location the charge is $49. Use this option for walk ups above the ground floor. Again there is no charge for delivery to the ground floor.

Do I have to be around when you deliver and pickup the boxes?

It depends. We can notify you within an hour of our arrival or if your building is cool with it we can leave the boxes with your doorman and/or pick them up from your new doorman if you have one.

What happens if I keep the boxes longer than 2 weeks?

If you need to, you can. We charge you $1 per box per week. But we want them back… if you need them longer than 1 month we can customize a long term quote for you – just call us.

What if I need the boxes less than 2 weeks?

No problem. Just let us know the date and time slot that is convenient for you and we will pick up the boxes early.

My movers are packing for me. Can I still use Juggleboxes?

Absolutely. In fact, having your movers pack using Juggleboxes will save you money. Since movers charge by the hour it will be much cheaper for you because the movers will not have to spend time building cardboard boxes. They also won’t charge you for the cardboard boxes since you will be using Juggleboxes instead.

How quickly can I get Jugglebox to deliver boxes to my place?

Depending on availability, Juggleboxes can be at your door within 48 hours.

What if I need more boxes after my delivery?

Simply place another order on our website.  We can consolidate the pickup date and time so that both orders can be picked up at once.

Which neighborhoods do you currently service?

New York City with pick-up and delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We also cover Hoboken and Jersey City as part of our standard rates.

What if I am moving outside of your service area?

There will be a surcharge of $49 for pick-up within 25 miles of our service area.  We do not pickup beyond 25 miles of our service area.

What if I am moving from outside your service area into your service area?

There will be a surcharge of $49 for delivery within 25 miles of our service area only.  We do not deliver beyond 25 miles of our service area.

Moving is unpredictable. What’s the best way to get in touch with Jugglebox if I have a change or delay in my move?

We understand how stressful and unpredictable moving can be – just email us at contact@juggleboxmoving.com or call us at 877-584-4532 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is there a cancellation fee if I decide I don’t need the service?

As long as you cancel the delivery within 24 hours there is no cancellation fee – you will receive a full refund.

How else are you giving back to the environment?

Jugglebox donates 10% of its profits to environmentally friendly causes.

Does Jugglebox offer moving services?

Jugglebox does not move your stuff but you can get a firm moving quote from 5 reputable moving companies and book your move date and time right here: Moving Quote and Booking

Why are plastic boxes a better alternative than cardboard boxes?

Better for you.

Our reusable plastic boxes are stackable and nestable with attached lids. They are sturdier than cardboard, easier to carry around with grip handles, weather proof, and won’t rip or fall apart. Juggleboxes are delivered clean and disinfected to your current address and conveniently picked up from your new location. With cardboard boxes you have to pick them up, assemble them (with tape), pack them (more tape), and then break them down again (cut through the tape). They can also carry dirt and critters (think roaches and bed bugs).

Better for the environment.

Plastic boxes can be reused hundreds of times versus 2 or 3 uses with cardboard. Cardboard that is not recycled makes up almost 10% of all urban landfills. Americans could save 122 million trees, 441 million gallons of oil and 65 million cubic yards of landfill EACH YEAR if they used plastic instead of new cardboard boxes for their residential moves.

Why is reusing a plastic box a better choice than recycling a cardboard one?

Recycling a cardboard box still uses approximately 75% of the energy required to manufacture a brand new box.  Recycling is good but reusing is much better.

Can’t I just go around and gather free cardboard boxes?

Of course you can – this is a great alternative to buying new cardboard boxes. But what a hassle. We deliver Juggleboxes to your door and pick-up when you have completed your move. Considering the time and hassle involved and the risk of bacteria or bed bugs, “free” has a high cost and can considerably add to your moving stress.