Green Moving Saves Trees

Save the Planet

Juggleboxes can be reused over 50 times versus 2 or 3 uses with cardboard. Cardboard that is not recycled makes up almost 10% of all urban landfills. Americans could save 122 million trees, 441 million gallons of oil and 65 million cubic yards of landfill EACH YEAR if they used plastic instead of new cardboard boxes for their residential moves. Also, all our vehicles use renewable fuel which contains 85% less imported petroleum.

Save Money

Our boxes end up being 50% cheaper on average than buying new cardboard boxes and having them delivered.

Save Time

With cardboard you waste time collecting boxes, building up boxes, breaking down boxes and disposing of boxes.  Juggleboxes are delivered to your door – just fill them up and move to your new location.  When you reach your new home or office, simply empty the boxes and neatly stack them out of your way.  Jugglebox will take away the empty boxes when you are done with them.