Moving Supplies


Juggleboxes are made of heavy-duty plastic and measure 27″ L x 17″ W x 12″ H. They have ergonomically designed comfort-fit handles with heavy-duty attached lids that snap shut. They are nestable and stackable to save precious space when storing. Juggleboxes are made in the USA – not shipped from the other end of the planet. They are easy and convenient and are quickly replacing cardboard as the only packing option when you move.


Jugglebox eco-smart reusable wardrobe boxes are made with very light, weather resistant, ultra-durable corrugated plastic.


Jugglebox dollies are custom designed to fit our Juggleboxes. Each dolly has a 500 pound capacity and can easily handle four loaded and stacked Juggleboxes or a full wardrobe. The 4″ non marking casters provide durability and a smooth ride.

Geami Wrap

Our Geami Wrap is one of our favorite products. Not only does it provide excellent protection for fragile items like glass cups and plates but it is also made out of raw materials from sustainable managed forests and is 100% recyclable. It completely replaces the need to use plastic bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts which are both petroleum based products. No tape is required because it acts like velcro and secures on itself which makes wrapping items quick and hassle free. Geami Wrap is definitely one of the most Eco-Friendly products out there. Geami Wrap can be purchased for $21.99 per 50 foot roll.

Hand Truck

Our Hand Truck is an additional product we offer to help with the task of moving the Juggleboxes around without having to carry them. Made out of a strong lightweight aluminum frame it can comfortably handle loads up to 400 pounds. The cast aluminum nose plate is specially designed to carry large items and fits our Juggleboxes perfectly. Hand Trucks can be rented for $9.95 for the first 2 weeks and $3.50 for each additional week.

Packing Paper

Our Packing Paper is made from 100% recycled newspapers and is biodegradable. It is an alternative to standard wrapping paper and tissue. Use it to wrap drinking glasses and plates and any other valuable items you want to protect. Packing Paper is also useful to fill in the empty spaces in your packed Juggleboxes to prevent items from moving around. Packing Paper can be purchase for $12.99 for approximately 200 sheets.

Glass & Plate Pack

The Glass Pack can hold up to 18 glasses and we recommend wrapping each glass with our Packing Paper or Geami Wrap to provide extra protection. Our Plate Pack can be assembled in two forms; the first as shown in the image above can hold plates stacked one on top of the other. The other form would enable the plates to be inserted and held sideways. Plates should be also be wrapped before being put into the Plate Packs to ensure greater protection. Our Glass & Plate Pack is available for purchase for $7.99.

Zip Ties

Our Zip Ties are made from recycled plastic and are used to seal the Juggleboxes once you are done packing them. You just insert them through the specially designed latch on each Jugglebox and pull them tight. You’ll never have to fumble around with hard to handle, expensive packing tape ever again. When you are unpacking your Juggleboxes just cut them off and return them to us and we will recycle them to make more Zip Ties. We include 1 Zip Tie per EZ Bin in our packages for free however if you want more, they are available for purchase in the Moving Extras section.


Being organized when moving is extremely important and can save you a lot of time when unpacking all of your belongings. While you are in the process of packing your stuff use the labels to write down the content of each Jugglebox, the room that content is intended for and the box number to help you keep track and stick it on the side of that Jugglebox. We include 1 Label per Jugglebox in our packages for free however if you want more, they are available for purchase in the Moving Extras section.