Chelsea, New York Moving Boxes & Supplies

Why use green moving boxes in Chelsea, Manhattan?

Chelsea is one of the hippest and most creatively oriented neighborhoods in New York City. Whether it’s living on the Hudson River or being in the middle of the Manhattan art scene, people all over New York, NY are moving to Chelsea to be in the middle of what’s new. With it’s eclectic mix of residents and it’s wide array of art galleries, restaurants, shops, and bars, Chelsea is a very popular place to move for both students attending local schools like NYU, The New School, CUNY, or Columbia, and professionals looking for an active, energetic place to live.

Reasons people are moving to Chelsea in New York City

Few neighborhoods in New York City offer the same mix of commerce, culture, and residence. Many people are moving to Chelsea to be in the middle of one of the worlds foremost art communities. Galleries number in the hundreds. Others are moving to Chelsea for the natural beauty of it’s many parks, including the High Line Elevated Park or a view of the Hudson River. Many students are moving to Chelsea to be near schools such as FIT or NYU or to live near Penn Station and the access it provides to the rest of New York City. Others want to live near the Chelsea Piers Sports Complex with it’s fitness and entertainment options.

Moving supplies and resources around Chelsea, NY

Moving to or from Chelsea can be a lot easier and environmentally conscious by renting green moving boxes. Cardboard boxes may be many different sizes making it hard to carry them up flights of stairs. And plastic moving boxes don’t fall apart in the rain or allow moisture to damage your belongings. People all over New York City are discovering just how much easier and safe moving can be with green moving boxes.

Chelsea has a large number of movers that can help you make moving quick and easy with moving trucks and moving supplies. Top rated movers in the area include Intense Movers, Moishes Moving Systems, and Chelsea Moving and Storage. Any of these services will be happy to find that all your boxes are plastic and the same size. Green moving boxes can really make your next move easier than you expect. And using green moving boxes gives you piece of mind that you aren’t wasting pounds of cardboard.

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