Murray Hill, New York Moving Boxes & Supplies

Reasons people are moving to Murray Hill in New York City

Murray Hill in Manhattan is one of the most clean and quiet neighborhoods in New York City, making it a very popular place to live for students, professionals, and families. Many move to Murray Hill to be centrally located in Manhattan with easy access to city transit and the Long Island Expressway tunnel to Brooklyn. Others move to Murray Hill who are working at the United Nations or in Midtown Manhattan. Close to Bryant Park and the New York Public Library, Murray Hill is popular with families looking for a safe and child-friendly neighborhood. And Murray Hill is home to many students going to NYU, Columbia University and CUNY schools and looking for a quiet and relaxing place to live in New York City. Murray Hill also offers the relaxed and welcoming night life of restaurants and bars on Third Avenue.

Renting plastic moving boxes in Murray Hill, Manhattan

Residences in Murray Hill are largely traditional three and four story walk-ups. And many of these buildings have narrow halls and staircases possibly making your move a real challenge. For that reason, moving boxes that have handles and stack easily can save you time and make moving far more convenient. Cardboard boxes can be different sizes making stacks of boxes less than stable. And lifting cardboard boxes means bending down all the way to the floor. Plastic moving boxes allow you to set them on top of one another quickly without any concern for a stack falling. And plastic moving boxes have handles that make them easier on your hands and back to lift than cardboard. Plastic boxes also let you avoid tape dispensers and box cutters saving your hands a lot of hard work. But for many, renting boxes, having them delivered and picked up is the top benefit to moving with plastic boxes.

Moving supplies and services near Murray Hill, NYC

While there are many moving companies and moving supply stores near Murray Hill, it’s not practical to buy plastic moving boxes. And plastic moving boxes are the most important part of a green move. For that reason, people moving to Murray Hill in Manhattan who want the most green moving solutions choose to rent plastic moving boxes that are delivered and picked up. One of the biggest additional benefits of using plastic moving boxes is that they are waterproof, unlike cardboard boxes that literally fall apart in the rain. Local moving companies near Murray Hill include TCWRC Moving, Moving Company Murray Hill, and Flatrate Moving.

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