Park Slope, New York Moving Boxes & Supplies

Why use green moving boxes in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

Park Slope in Brooklyn is one of the most popular places to move and live in New York City. Few neighborhoods in the city offer the same mix of classic brownstones, tree-lined streets, popular shopping and dining destinations, and cultural landmarks. Popular with families, professionals, and visitors, Park Slope offers a clean, comfortable, and convenient place to live close to Manhattan. Many who work or go to school in Manhattan move to Park Slope to be close to work while enjoying the slower pace of a more residential neighborhood.

Reasons people are moving to Park Slope in New York City

People from all over New York City and all over the world move to Park Slope in Brooklyn for many reasons. First on the list is Prospect Park which many consider more beautiful than Central Park. People also move to Park Slope to live in some of the city’s most classic brownstones. Others move to Park Slope for the wide array of restaurants and bars. Many want to live in Park Slope to be close to both Downtown Brooklyn as well as Downtown Manhattan. Due to that convenience Park Slope is also popular with students attending schools in both Brooklyn and Manhattan such as NYU, the CUNY and SUNY schools, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Pratt, and The New School.

Moving supplies and services around Park Slope, NYC

Many buildings in Park Slope, Brooklyn are walk-ups and that can make moving an extra challenge. Plastic moving boxes make any move easier and more secure because the boxes are stronger than cardboard boxes and they stack securely ensuring that stacks of boxes won’t fall. Plastic moving boxes are also green moving boxes as they allow you to avoid using paper products that tax the environment. Plastic moving boxes are also delivered and picked up preventing the need to break down boxes and recycle them.

Plastic moving boxes are preferred by moving companies in New York City as they ensure the safety of your belongings. In Park Slope, Brooklyn there are a number of options if a moving company is needed. Popular moving companies in the area include, Park Slope Movers, Moving Your Way, and Top Hat Movers.

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