Williamsburg, New York Moving Boxes & Supplies

Why use green moving boxes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Few neighborhoods in New York City, NY are more popular places to move, live, work or play than Williamsburg in Brooklyn. With it’s young and hip population, it’s wide array of restaurants, boutiques, and bars, and being so close to Manhattan, Williamsburg continues to be a top destination for people moving in NYC who want the best the city has to offer. Very popular with students, Williamsburg is a highly favored place to live for those attending NYU or the CUNY schools in Manhattan and the Brooklyn Academy of Music or Pratt in Brooklyn.

Reasons people are moving to Williamsburg in New York City

Williamsburg, Brooklyn has become one of the top destinations in New York City for those wanting to live or work in the Big Apple. Williamsburg is just one stop out of Manhattan on the L train, or a quick walk or bike over the Williamsburg Bridge, making it fast and easy to get to New York City at any time. Being so close to Manhattan, people living in Williamsburg have easy access to all the shopping, restaurants, and nightlife in Union Square, Downtown, Chinatown, and the galleries in Chelsea.

Moving supplies and services around Williamsburg, NYC

Williamsburg is a popular place to live for those in NYC who are more environmentally conscious. For that reason, many moving to Williamsburg turn to green moving supplies like plastic moving boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic moving boxes offer a reusable and far more convenient alternative. With green moving boxes and supplies people can avoid wasting paper and tape. Plastic moving boxes are also easier on the hands and stack perfectly, helping people avoid damage to their belongings.

Due to the large number of people moving to Williamsburg, there are many moving companies that offer professional moving services. And moving companies favor plastic moving boxes because they are easier to work with. Moving services in Brooklyn include Intense MoversNY City Van, White Globe Transportation, and Two Guys And A Truck.

Other neighborhoods near Williamsburg

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  • Greenpoint
  • Chinatown
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